Thursday, January 8

Scrapbook Dinner...

Have you ever gone to dinner at
someone's house and NOTHING matches?
The silver is mismatched.
The fine china is a toss of patterns.

That's me!

We have matching everyday silverware & dinnerware.
I love the light, easy care Corning...& Oneida.
But when it comes to holiday china~ I don't have a set.

LOVE my mother-in-laws beautiful set...
LOVE my sister's beautiful set...
I appreciate & treasure the ones I see at antique malls.

I have never wanted that~ because if I break/chip one...
I would be crushed that a set was missing...
How to replace something irreplaceable?

It would bother me to where I wouldn't use it.
Thank heavens everyone doesn't act like me!!!

I have been finding pieces here n' there...
These are some of my latest "finds"
White with silver...white with gold...white on white. for every holiday.

The strawberry plate & little egg shaped cup
are two of my newest needle felting bases.
They just had to jump into the frame!


Debra said...

Your table setting must rival any pretty magazine story...are your chairs miss-matched like mine? I do have the kitchen chairs painted the same color, and sanded for shabbyness, but they are unique, like the people that sit on them!

Charmingdesigns said...

Oh...oh!! I love it!!! There is such charm in miss match...but the strawberry plate and egg...sooooo cute!! laurie

Anonymous said...

Mixing and matching - mine are all askew. I have a set of Blue Willow and another pink set and one with white china and silver rims. But I don't mix them. I truthfully don't entertain that much because I don't like to cook. We always meet friends at restaurants. How much fun though to create a pretty tablescape.

Michelle Palmer said...

Hi Debra~ Thanks! It is so much fun to find new pieces! Your chairs sound dear...our kitchen chairs match (boring...) we did have a mix of antique pressed-back for YEARS, but our home is dry & they became very weak. Hubby sat down one day...all the way to the floor! So we have sturdy NEW oaks...BUT there are cool old chairs EVERYWHERE around here! :) I'll try to share them in photos from time to time~
I've got to tell you, I found a local supplier for wool! (I'll blog about it when I get some pictures taken) 24oz. for $30!!! It is clean...BEAUTIFUL! Also purchased some soft beige...a 4 oz. ball for $8. AMAZING! I'll blog soon with all the info. THANK YOU for all your help...I love to support local as much as possible.
This gal has 20 sheep...very sweet!


Hi Michelle
and Happy New Year:) I love looking at your birds on your sidebar. They are so sweet and happy:)I think you scrapbook dinnerware is very pretty. I like the look and like things that don't match:) I bet your drawing room is wonderful:) My craft table has even more papers on it...I think a bigger table needs to be purchased...and soon :)

KatCollects said...

I love your miss matched dishes, so beautiful!