Thursday, February 26

Wool Supplies...

While shopping at the large craft stores the other day
I was tempted to purchase some new wool colors...
I had my 40% off coupon & new ideas for
needle felts were flashing in my mind faster than
I could store them to memory!

I used my coupon...but not on wool.
It is TOOOOO expensive!
I couldn't believe the cost for the
wee little "tufts" of colors. I'm sure it is perfect
if you dabble in felting...but if you've found a new
favorite hobby that you just can't put down~
Try to buy from a local source.

All of this pictured & MORE for the same
cost as three little packages from the craft stores.
I LOVE these colors. Individual wool dyers come up
with AMAZING colors & you have
colors that are not machine manufactured...
The colors are unique to you, your area & your designs.

I'm glad to share where I purchase mine~
They LOVE their sheep. The "mom" was sharing how
thrilled the little lambs were to be outdoors on
a warm day...they were hopping
all about like little bits of popcorn!
This gal is hoping to get a web page & blog up soon...
For now...feel free to call & ask what colors she
has available, cost...shipping etc.
Amy is a dear & you'll get PILES of gorgeous wool!
Stone Edge Fibers
Phelps, New York
315/548-2032 or
Fine wools for spinning, rug hooking & knitting...
LOVE my needle felting wools!


Anonymous said...

They sure do look LUSCIOUS!

Charmingdesigns said...

When you said local fibers before, thats what I did...they are having a big Wool and Fiber show in March, not to far I'm going to go to that...I can hardly wait.After seeing yours I want to put my hands all over your nests. I'm working on some tiny ones. Laurie

Debra said...

I will get some of her wool for certain. I'm way behind in my needle-felting though...

Elenka said...

After I teach myself to knit, needle felting is the next thing I want to learn. I had never even heard about it until a few months ago!! I don't know where I've been. It looks like lots of fun.

Kim at Thistle Dew said...

Hi Michelle!
I found your blog through Country Register's blog, and it's lovely! I love your artwork, and the needle-felting looks like a lot of fun!

Good to meet you!
Kim :-)

tlc illustration said...

Colored wool is so...yummy! Yet, I refuse to start up yet another craft/hobby!! I'm going to have to enjoy watching you all felt away..