Sunday, February 15

The Furminator...

"Maybe it will get me a treat...
I don't know what mum is up to~
She has that look in her eyes..."
"I tolerate her and I love her..."
a quote from my favorite pup

Our pup Valentine will be getting
a thorough brushing today with her new,
favorite---MEGA awesome brush
"The FURminator"
That's the real name!
This brush is amazing at taking out
the undercoat & reduce shedding.
LOVE my pup...but the tumbleweeds of
fur when the furnace clicks on...
Thanks, Lisa! What would we do without
your vet-ability & rescue missions?

...she must know something is up...
She isn't following me around...
Tubby time, soon!


Anonymous said...

Oh! Those eyes! Who can resist a doggie's eyes!


So blessed! said...

Gotta love our pups!

madrekarin said...

I just took the furminator to my Sheltie this weekend and produced an evil! Better that than having floating dog hair everywhere. He's finally used to it, so no more running away and hiding under the bed, thank goodness!
Good luck catching her!!

madrekarin said...

That's evil twin.

La Donna Welter said...

Hope you had a wonderful Valentine's Day!
Love the doggie's eyes!

Phyllis said...

These are wonderful pictures of Valentine!


Hi Michelle,
I'll be sending you the MO by Friday as I get my check on Thursday. Can't wait to get my little birdies:)
Your dog has the greatest expression and the sweetes eyes.
Thanks again for your patience with my order:)

Love your newest one:)

raccoonlover1963 said...

Hi Michelle.
We used to have a Lhasa Apso as well as our crazy cat. Bath time was always hilarious because the dog got his bath first, so as soon as I took the dog's collar off, the cat would disappear because he knew that I would be coming after him as soon as Smokey's bath was finished! Strangely enough, the cat doesn't mind bath time all that much. I use the hand-held shower head with the massage pulse. He likes that, it's the soaping up he can't stand!
Have a great week.

Holly Knott said...

Heehee! Great name! :-)