Friday, February 13

Valentine Five...

I have binders...sketch books...journals...folders!
PILES of papers needing filing...
Up there with my kitty whiskers...
I can't throw paper "stuff" away!

I have found the easiest way for me
to store ephemera, postcards, how-to-pages
are archival clear sheets & clear pockets.
I put ring clips in the holes...easy enough to
add or remove pages....
When I'm looking through, the pages fold to
each other instead of a book/binder laying open.
Keep the pages in labeled boxes...

This may not look organized...
When I'm trying to think of colorways,
different design approaches,
I can spread some inspirational papers out
much like an interior designer putting a carpet
square next to the curtain fabric, paint swatches etc.

Sometimes...(for example)
A fresh idea pops into my head
simply from seeing a red polka dotted dress
with aqua blue base! Those colors would look SWEET
with some new designs I'm working on right now.

See the DEAR Pussy Willow branches postcard?
An elderly neighbor scolded me for trying to
grow a Pussy Willow tree here in our yard.
I'm semi-quiet & semi-gentle...but I dug my heals in
that my willow tree was gonna grow!

EVERY SPRING I am thrilled to cut fuzzy
branches and share them with friends...
When we moved here~ not many people had heard
of the sweet trees...they do tend to love moist soil.
Growing up they lined the
dirt road I considered my playground.
I planted mine down flow of one of our drain pipes.

The little bunny head moves back n' forth
nodding, YES! YES! I do love you~


tam said...

Hi Michelle!
I am so diggin on your wonderful collection of cards and such! Thanks for the tip too. I have such great memories of pussy willows too and one day I will have my own planted!
Have a wonderful weekend~Smiles~Tam!

Anonymous said...

Michelle, what's wrong with pussy willows? Good for you for growing them! They're so sweet! So are all your Valentines.

I was incommunicado since yesterday morning - heavy winds caused a power failure. So good to be back online with my blogging friends.

Hugs! Diane

tlc illustration said...

What an interesting idea for filing. I'm always trying different things from folders to notebooks to journals to boxes... How much stuff can I possibly keep!??? :-)

Holly Knott said...

I planted one when we moved here, and each year the deer eat it down to a stump, so each year it stays the same size and we have yet to see any fuzzies in the spring!