Sunday, February 22

Is It More Than A Knot?

I have always gravitated toward people
that are older, wiser...stories to share...eccentric!

Walking through an old barn during a
horrible thunder storm...this older woman asked me,
"Can you feel the eyes watching you?"
She didn't need to freak me out any further
than the pounding thunder, hail and constant flashes!
My hair stood on end!
I will never forget the scary moment & that was
before I went to horror flicks with my friends
just so they could hear me scream!

Well...above is a photo of what she was referring to.
She was a carver...and LOVED knots. Said they
looked like beautiful was her attempt
to calm me while trapped in a toothpick-strength barn.
We went around with a flash light & decided
which eyes looked like those we knew...
On SUNNY DAYS I notice knots & if they
somehow look like eyes...
I took the above photo at
Genesee Country Village~ New York State.
So pretty, warm...funny how whenever you
see certain objects, smell certain scents~
memories flood in of a person or place...
Memories linger of her quirkey ways & make
me smile from time to time.

Hope your Sunday is lovely~


Anonymous said...

My dear...Yes, it's more than a KnotT, because that kind of knot has only one T. You've been sending emails too long to the gal whose last name has two t's! LOL!

When I saw your heading, I thought...hmm...what's she going to say about me?! LOL! Instead, it was a little story about eyes in knots! :-)

Genesee Country Museum has loads of neat places for taking pics of knots in old wood! I love that place!

Diane KnotT who is NOT knotty today at all but loved your knot post! Beware, the eyes are watchin' ya kid! ;-)

Michelle Palmer said...

I KNEW you'd write to me if I played with your name! :) Hello, friend~
I added a "K" to Forget Me KNOT the other day & a friends mom corrected me...I just smiled...
At least I can have fun on here~
Warm summer days at Genesee Country Village...MMmmmmmm SOON!
Hugs n' love,

Anonymous said...

I couldn't resist! ;-)

KatCollects said...

I so love your beautiful posts, they just make me happy.

Holly Knott said...

Heehee - I was going to post and saw my mom beat me to it! I am reminded of a wooden sign that my grandpop Knott had somewhere on his house. It just said "THE" on it, and beneath word was a rope with 2 knots in it. Cuz they were The Knott's, just as I am a Knott! :-)

Barb said...

A whale eye is the first thing i imagined when i saw that photo, even before reading the story.

Love the little chicks.
I'll be going over to ETSY to check those out.

Barbara Jean

Karen said...

I relate exactly to what you're saying! I love eccentric people, I am one haha. Life is so much more interesting if we are able to be who we are, instead of trying to be someone else! I love your blog, love your art! Very inspiring! Have a great day! Karen