Sunday, March 12

Punch Needle Garden Skeps~

No. 5 in my garden skep collection!
Only one more to go~

'Shabby Rose Garden Skep' No. 5 of 6
Copyright 2017 Michelle L. Palmer

The entire time I was punching this skep I was humming
'Who Will Buy' from Oliver!
They were 'sweet red roses' & these are salmon/pale pink.
The song is so pretty... Oliver's little face looking over the courtyard.

Inspired by the most beautiful salmon rosebush that my dad
had given my mom the summer before he lost his battle with cancer.
It always stayed petite...
Never went wild.
The most fragrant and perfectly shaped blossoms.
I often wonder if it is still in the hedgerow where she planted it.

One more pattern to write!
I already have the next collection started...
They will be smaller designs.
But fun!

Hope you have a wonderful week, Friends!
Praying all stay safe as the East is expecting a nor'easter...
March does know how to stir up storms!