Thursday, March 9

Pinkeeps & Pincushions...

Long and narrow...
Purse size and desk size...
A new collection of pinkeeps and pincushions are coming along!

I made a collection of these for my Annual Christmas Open House 1994!
Sold in country shops before that~
We celebrated nine Christmas open houses.
I wish I had digital files or short videos to post.
History is a treasure.
The shows came before we (personally) had the ease of digital cameras.
I will scan some of my photographs and share near Christmastime.
We met the most amazing people through art festivals, retreats,
Workshops, shows & art guilds etc. 
Our open house was a weekend for reunions!

I loved to design the invitations & handmade 500+ free gifts.
(Oh how they changed through the years!)
A new giveaway each year & when the gifts ran out I would have hand drawn,
printed, recipe cards to tuck inside their packages.

When I began art licensing, nearly 15 years ago, it was difficult for me to
keep up with all of the deadlines and handmade works for shows~
It was hard to say goodbye to our open house but new opportunities
kept my artwork fresh and new styles & products emerged.
Fabric collections, flags, greeting cards & calendars etc. added to handmade.

I am grateful to have a healthy balance between the two now.
The joy of having my original watercolor paintings and pen & ink works
licensed alongside handmade, one-of-a-kind treasures.

I hope to eventually offer rug hooking patterns to accompany my
punch needle patterns & embroidery designs.
Several new creative projects will be ready to share soon~

We have been researching shows and events from MA to VA!
Our daughter is an amazing artist & designer... she is ready to soar!
Never know where life will bring you~

Stay true to yourself & find your own unique style.
It will tell the story of your life~


Debbie Nolan said...

Dear Michelle - it is always such a treat to stop by and visit you. As always I did some catching up on your previous posts. Your Pincushions are wonderful. What a great way to display your lovely drawings. Have a great week.

Michelle Palmer said...

Thank you for visiting and your sweet note, Debbie~ always wonderful to catch up with friends here! I love to add them to different things... I'm not nearly as creative as some who purchase them ;)
Hope you have a wonderful weekend!