Wednesday, March 1

Bee Skep Collection

'Lavender Blossom Skep' Copyright 2017 Michelle L. Palmer

No. 4 in my punch needle skep collection!
The bees look as if they are taking shelter from the sun or rain
'neath the lavender blossom!

Two more skep patterns to write~
Then I write more of the botanical patterns.

Some of the storms rolling in are severe~
Praying all stay safe.

Thank you for stopping by, Friends!


Karen B. said...

Oh Michelle,
your newest design is just so beautiful. Praying for everyone to be safe.
Karen B. ~ Todolwen

Three Sheep Studio said...

Your Bee Skeeps are so very lovely, Michelle.
Beautiful work.

Janet Ghio said...


peggy gatto said...

I agree with the others, lovely designs. I do admire your talent.


Gorgeous and so unique!!! I wanted to subscribe or follow via email but don't see where to do that on your blog...? Thanks!

Magpie's Mumblings said...

Bee skeps - who knew they could be so much fun!!