Monday, June 17

Mice & baby birds...

Kneeling in my garden & a little mouse skittles past me...
I'm sure she was catching up with a fuzzy friend to talk about their day!

Beautiful starlit skies~

Just listed these new pen & ink illustrations in my Etsy shop~

I think it would be grand to sing with a Sparrow & a mouse~

Baby birds seem to peek out from every hedgerow & shrub~

Their little voices so tiny... but loud enough to call for a snack!

My cup does overflow~ with love... with joy... with His blessings!

There was a sweet little stitched poem on my childhood bedroom wall.
I would only read the first line... night after night~
Then I would fall asleep while saying my bedtime prayers.

Wishing you sweet dreams!
Thank you for visiting my blog and so many sweet comments~


Createology said...

Your precious drawings put a smile in my heart. Happy Hearts are Creative Hearts...

Smiley said...

I just love them! Looks like someone beat me to the cutest ones . . . they are truly blessed because those were just adorable!

Deb oxo

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

Just found your blog today love these pieces. I went to your Etsy shop but did not see these. Have you sold them and will you be doing more.

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

Hi its me again
I love love all of these but if you have not sold the last four of these I would love to have them.