Monday, June 3

Grape... I mean Purple Iris~

Started two new watercolors...
My mom & dad had Iris planted around their flag pole~
They do not care to grow for me so I visit friends gardens!

When I was a child, my favorite soda was Grape Nehi &
Always thought that purple Iris smelled just like Grape Nehi!
They had yellow Iris with rust & maroon tones~
I called them Rootbeer! Yep, I thought they smelled like it.

I try not to liken the smell of flowers to sugary snacks anymore!
Still have silly songs & rhymes run through my head at times...
I might grow up~ probably not!

Hope your Monday is off to a wonderful start!

1 comment:

Createology said...

Beautiful beginning to your Iris. We have yellow ones that are not very exciting. And we have the gorgeous purple ones that are really grab my attention. Blissful Drawing...