Monday, June 3

Iris original watercolors~


Purplish~blue & chartreuse~
Another fine color pair!

How I wish I could add scent to my watercolor paintings.
I love the Disney amusement ride Soarin~
(well, maybe not the tickle your tummy part)
Gliding over the orchards... it smells like an orange grove!

I always paint light to dark. Building, "glazing" colors in layers.

Save the fine details as my finishing touches...
Too often I added fussy details as I went along. 
Now I wait, just in case I want to deepen a tone & sometimes less is more.

Just listed these two originals in my 2nd Etsy shop~
I think birds & some seaside will be coming next!

Hope you have a nice evening!


Connie Smiley said...

That's really lovely, Michelle!

Starr White said...

Your color choices always make your pieces sing, and this one's a beauty :)

Debbie Nolan said...

Michelle - I do so love the way your paint. Your irises are very beautiful. Have a great day.