Tuesday, January 8

Little tea houses...

Oh how I love to play!

After fussing about in my studio all day~
Little tufts of wool and one petite, barbed, needle
cozy up with me, the family & a movie.
These tea treasures will make perfect little homes
for my needle felted friends!

They look like steam-punk acorns to me!
The one thing I do miss about my Pintrest boards...
Steam-punk art/designs. Especially the birds craftsmen make.
Great to see little pieces of "random" being recycled into cool art!

I'll share photos of my little friends & their homes~
Wishing you cozy nights!


Createology said...

My curiosity is definitely in high gear. I too love Steampunk creations. Creative Hearts are Happy Hearts...

Conni said...

Great! I like your work and ideas!!

Best wishes

Debra said...

Hello dear one~
Love the photo-can't wait to see what you're doing with those tea things!