Wednesday, November 4

Craft Boxes Unleashed...

It's a Michelle Palmer snowman...

These are artist samples I received a few
years back from one of our manufacturers.
Our design was on a few different products...
but never became all that popular.

The design would have been more successful
had I surrounded my snow fella with
snowflakes instead of fall leaves!
After all... who builds a snowman when
leaves are still on the ground?

We do!
Expecting lake effect snow showers...
And we are still raking leaves...
Several of our trees haven't gotten the word
that it is "fall" and they need to drop!

Throughout the year I find Christmas
craft materials and toss them in one of
the boxes... and quickly forget what treasures
I have found until late Sept. early Oct.~

As I look through at some of the "stuff"
I try to remember why I bought it...
What cool craft/gift idea I may have had?
I think this summer I will add a
quick sketch & a few notes with the treasures...
My creative memory needs a little jump start!

Hope your day is sunny & sweet!


in the light of the moon said...

I just love your boxes and I didnt notice the leaves until you mentioned them( : I am also falling in love with felt...I've never worked with it but your wonderful creations are so inspiring..I started making some felt books,but have yet to tackle what you do.Where do get that felt anyway?( : Warmest Regards,Cat

Peggy said...

You can't have too many stacking boxes!


Wish on a Whisker said...

Hi Michelle! Love your fall snowman! I received my package today! I sent you an email. Many thanks!! ~Mandy

MILLY said...

I love boxes, have them full of all my nature finds plus all my sewing treasures. Then the boxes full of art materials. Better stop there. How lovely to have your own design on boxes. I am just painting Autumn leaves.
We would make good neighbours.
Best wishes Millyx

Brenda @Cozy Little House said...

I wish I could have your talent!

Tracy said...

In your beautiful,leafy snowman's defense I have pictures of my kids building a full-sized snowman the day after Thanksgiving. Maybe, 4 years ago???

acornmoon said...

I like your boxes and the fall colours give warmth and as Peggy has already said, you can't have too many stacking boxes!

Anonymous said...

You're right, Michelle! My pods do look like owl's faces!