Friday, November 13

Mixed Media Snowmen Painting...

I know I promised you
something different
than snowmen...
But I had to share these simple paintings!
They make the perfect lil' gifts~

Sherry's Bear & Frame Shop in Seneca Falls, NY
has a wonderful supply of little frames!

I cut canvas board to fit the frame...
Covered the surface with Modge Podge,
tissue papers, vintage ads... etc.
Let dry.
Sanded & antiqued.
Then painted a simple snow friend with acrylics!

With pen tips & ink I wrote song lyrics,
sweet memories... various quick thoughts
and for a final touch...
Spattered a little white acrylic ink
to soften and look even more wintry!

I really hope to keep my word & not
add new snow friends tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

Santas maybe? ;-)

I think the snowmen are charming!


LDH said...

Who could grow tired of these sweet snowmen!