Monday, May 1

Our Winnie Wren has arrived home for the season~
Perched high in the flowering crabapple tree & calling to a suitor!

Both of these Springtime blues are blooming at the same time~
Beautiful and so very similar!
Above, Brunnera
Below, Forget me not

Our sweet Winnie~
Same house every Spring through the summer months...
Keeping us in song.

When you see them up close you can see the subtle differences~
Brunnera, a deeper blue

Forget me not, sky blue with a kiss of sunshine yellow in the center!

Hope Spring showers are waking up your gardens, too~



My chickadees are back and made a nest in one of my birdhouses. I was hoping the bluebirds were going to nest in the bluebird house, but no, they went somewhere else.
It's always a treat to see your newest artwork.
deb :)

Magpie's Mumblings said...

I've only ever seen one wren in my life and was amazed at their beautiful. Lovely that yours shares her name with our daughter-in-love!!