Thursday, April 27

Studio Wren Punch Needle

"Studio Wren" copyright 2017 Michelle L. Palmer

Our petite little friend always arrives when the forget me nots are blooming!
She will perch in the pines, dance across the fence top...
March across the window ledges!
Can you hear her sweet song?

This punch needle pattern is very painterly~
I used Instant Antique (Primitive Gatherings) to stain the background colors.

Some friends spritz their completed works to age & make them prim.

I like to spritz the floss prior to punching my designs.
Be sure to lay paper down to protect your surface from staining.
Take them out of the wrapper & spread out gently so they don't tangle.
Allow to dry completely before punching.

Hope your day is going great, Friends!
Thank you for stopping by~


Magpie's Mumblings said...

I've only ever seen one real wren - and was so amazed by how tiny they are and how big their song is. Hard to believe that much volume from such a tiny bird!

Michelle Palmer said...

Those little power-house songs capture our hearts! I hope more wrens come near to you and share their sweet songs, Sweet Friend!