Friday, May 19

Lilacs & Bee

I would love to send my friend in Nevada a bouquet of lilacs
from our trees for her birthday~
I included all of our lilac colors into one punch needle sprig.
Not as fragrant...
Still from the heart~

We both love to garden and treasure our bee friends.

Saw a few fluffy bumble bees while we enjoyed warmer days!
I think they had a picnic basket & tiny jar of honey...
Our white spirea (bridal veil) is in full bloom.
I bet they patted down the grass underneath  a low hanging
branch and had a nice lunch together~

Hope you have a relaxing weekend, Friends!


Magpie's Mumblings said...

I love lilacs - they smell so beautiful, but they do make me sneeze so I can't have them in the house. Your version is perfect!

Suz said...

Love that bee!

Karen B. said...

Oh Michelle,
it is so lovely!
Many hugs,
Karen B. ~ Todolwen

Michelle Palmer said...

Thank you, Sweet Friends! We are finally hearing some bees getting busy around the gardens. Our lilac trees were so full of blossoms this season, they are touching the ground after yesterdays rains. Still so beautiful and fill the air with their unique fragrance. Hope your week is wonderful~