Thursday, February 2

Punch Needle Bee Skep Valentine

I think this will be the summer that I finally build a bee bole to house 
my two favorite bee skeps. They have been part of our home decor
for 12+ years because they are made of natural materials.
They would rot when exposed to our weather.
I couldn't bring myself to put the hives/skeps in the garden because
I felt the bees would make it their home and then as it wore down
they would be without shelter. 
I will find the perfect stones, study up on the weather side, air space needed etc.

These two bee Valentines are headed home for a nice bowl
of honey stew with a dash of daisy petals~
Home is where the heart his~

Hope you're having a great day, Friends!

1 comment:

Debra said...

oh how lovely! I didn't show you my skep, which I keep inside as well. I love your pretty design....Got your cards-love you guys!