Thursday, July 2

Americana Owls~

We have had a cool and rainy start to our summer~
The weeds are dancing in the gardens & mosquitoes are viscous.
So I stitch!
Little breaks from painting...

I made a Sweet 16 collection of Americana owls~
When the last one had its beak I think they broke out in patriotic song!
Hand sewn bodies from tea stained muslin and dressed with
vintage fabrics and trims that I have been gathering for years.

They all have big hearts... some show it on the outside~

Stars & stripes... 

Ruffles and florals~

This little hat was fun!
Shabby little friends~
Rough edges to look like ruffled feathers...

The choir of owls... can you hear them singing?
Wishing you a wonderful day!


Createology said...

Precious little Americana Owls! Your work is always such a treat. Blissful and Safe Fourth...

Sherri said...

Love, love, love those Americana Owls!! Wonderful job!!

Becky said...

I get a sense that some of your work is you happily doodling. Everything you do is so utterly charming, you must be one of those people with a happy soul. This morning I wondered how on earth you get anything else done, like shopping, housework and cooking?