Thursday, January 30

Darning socks...

Many hands make light work!
Teddy love is going to help me darn socks...
When I was little I was given a 'pretty pair of knee highs'~
Cozy & well loved!
They always had holes in them!
With grandma's wooden sock darner &
colorful threads from my moms sewing box... I would add patches.
I cut tags out of my shirts & used them for the patches~

This little love is ready for the ball~

Ever feel like someone is watching you?

Bunny looks as if he has a hand-puppet!

Hope it is warming up where you are~
The numbers are rising!
Thirty degrees will feel like a heatwave!

Hope your day is filled with 'little helpers' and love~


Kays Kids said...

I can remember darning socks. Not any more.

ShirleyC said...

Those are just beyond precious!

Anonymous said...

Love them all, but that last one is great! Reminds me of reading Guess How Much I Love You to my students. =)