Saturday, February 1

The Copycat~

My little seahorse friends are traveling to the UK on Monday~

How I love to draw these little fabric originals~
Please let me share:
There is a woman copying my artwork on fabrics.
She is using my identical wording for her titles and listing/descriptions.
Please be aware that I always write 'Copyright Michelle L. Palmer' 
across my images. All of my artwork & designs are registered
with the Federal Copyright Office.
If you have any questions~ Please inbox me before purchasing.
I am based in the United States~

Thank you, Sweet Friends~ for all of your comments, visits & purchases!
More little treasures will be in my shop tomorrow~
Little treasures from MY OWN CREATIVE HEART~

The coolest part of being an artist... being unique!
One of a kind!
 Don't copy what someone else is doing~
That means you are a COPYCAT.
Nothing creative about that.
Nothing artistic about that.


True artists come up with their own products.
True artists take pride in being ONE OF A KIND.
True artists want to describe their artwork through their own eyes.

It's important that we are true to ourselves~
That is where we will find joy!
That is what I LOVE to share with all of you.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!


Catherine said...

Love the sea horses! So sorry you are dealing with a copy cat! Hope they are taken care of.

Karen B. said...

Dear Michelle,
so sorry to hear that you have to deal with a copycat. I would name and shame her openly because it is wrong in what she is doing. I just found an online magazine had published one of my tutorial under some one else's name and another person copied my entire hymnal page tutorial including all photos and published it as their work on another website. So sad and so wrong!
To a nicer note .. I love your sea horses ~ stunning as always!
Sending you many hugs,
Karen B. ~ Todolwen

BumbleBeeLane said...

Seems no matter what medium you work with someone is always in the sidelines stealing ideas.Sad thing is they are talented enough to do something but lack the imagination that sparks the creativity. I guess take it as a compliment and know you are well enough established with your beautiful art you fans will know your sweet designs. I have someone local who steals my ideas then doesn't even realize they did it and tries to tell me how to do it right.Grrrr. Drives you nuts.. Warm Blessings!~Amy

BECKY said...

Oh No! This kind of thing always makes me sad...sad for the artist, and sad for the thieves who have no conscience or moral compass.

I hope they are stopped, and learn a lesson. And I feel so bad for Amy and Karen! I, too, know what it feels like to be copied...just not good.

Funny about your charming seahorses!! I just searched your sold items to see if you had made any before...JUST yesterday!! I may be asking you to make some sea art soon!

I'm so sorry you have been victimized, my friend.

Hugs and prayers,

Terra said...

Your art work shows your unique vision and that is sad someone is using it without your permission! Still, only you can create these charming critters.

Smiley said...

What a shame that there are people out there who lack the energy and imagination to create their own pieces. It's truly damaging to so many, including themselves. Your fabric sketches obviously emit such love and care . . . and that can not be copied! Thank you for your talent and sweet blessings!

Smiles and hugs,
Deb oxo

Jeri Landers said...

Every Artist's nightmare. I really hate that. I had a person who purchased one of my papercuttings, traced, cut and painted it and then to top it all off, she copied my self-designed business card, art included, but replaced my name with hers. Then she actually exhibited in the same art show I was in... which is how I discovered the theft. Some people have no shame. Sorry you have to deal with this.

Leanne E said...

So sorry to hear about the copycat :( Very hurtful... I do love the seahorses though and might request some one day myself :) Thanks for your art and the joy it brings!

Michelle Palmer said...

Thank you for each of your comments~ <3 Hugs to you!
Watching the copycat very close. Recording what she has done... watching for image infringements. Karen, Amy, Jeri~ you know the 'punch in the stomach feeling' all too well. So glad thieves cannot keep us down. Art is in OUR hearts, I'm not sure what is in an infringers mind. There is no heart in that behavior.

You each mean so much to me~
Thank you~