Sunday, February 16

Rainbow of love~

Good Morning, Friends!
Hope everyone has had their power restored...
A weekend to clean up limbs and push snow piles~

Rainbows to brighten the day!

A sweet mom requested one of my pen & ink treasures with a
rainbow across the top... what fun!
I have added touches of color in the past to bumble bee bellies...
Bright red to plump, juicy strawberries that mice have gathered~
Sky blue to tiny little forget me not bouquets...

These rainbows were great fun!

I made a few extras to share as gifts and added some to my Etsy shop~

Wishing your heart joy, Sweet Friends~


Karen B. said...

Dear Michelle ... they are so lovely and sweet!

Many hugs,
Karen B. ~ Todolwen

Smiley said...

Love, love, love your sweet rainbows!

Hugs and Smiles,
Deb oxo

Kays Kids said...

Every one stunning.

Willow said...

Michelle these are adorable !

Michelle Palmer said...

<3 Thank you, Sweet Friends!!