Friday, November 8

Snowman & Woolly Bear

Little woolly bear love is trying to convince my snow-friend that
Winter is going to be LONG and COLD!
Great news for her frozen figure~
I was waiting for the first snow of the season to add it to my 2nd Etsy Shop...
Flurries were flying today!

Oh joy! Winter!
Ooodles of new pen & ink snowmen will be in my Etsy shop over
the next several days... along with teddy bears, snowbirds, snow bunnies, 
winter mice... snow things, snow stuff~ you know...... ;)
I have started some small watercolors to add to my
2nd Etsy shop... similar themes!
It's that time of year~ when all things glitter and glow~
 All things love and hope~

Wishing you a joy-filled season!


Terra said...

Darling snowman and woolly bear.

Kays Kids said...

Michelle your snow man is a real cutie. Bring on the snow.