Friday, November 1

Needle Felted Hedgehogs

Little curly hedgehogs keep finding their way into my heart~
They are made from 100 wool... needle felted with love... 

Rich, hand-painted curls from these sweet loves~ Wensleydale lambs!
Karen brought me out to meet them and they are gorgeous!
Another local farmer that I was thrilled to meet at the Hemlock Fiber Festival~

She appears to have been out in the wind for a time~

Just look at those curls!!
She is beautiful~

Sweet "Waves" has seaside, aqua, sky-blue curls!

How fun they are... sweet little personalities!

They each have a handcrafted perch!
A vintage spool with some wood burning fun~


Christina Paul said...

Oh they are too precious!

Terry said...

I LOVE the blue one! Wish I had seen it before I bought mine...but I do love mine too! They're all so cute! :0)

marie said...

These hedgehogs are absolutely adorable.....I'm so pleased with sweet Willow!! They're even sweeter in person!!

Threesmallfry Primitives said...

Those are so cute, my sister had a hedgehog called precious

Michelle Palmer said...

Thank you, Friends!
It is so difficult to capture their little faces for photographs~ I find that wool doesn't look the same in photographs as it does in person :)

I'm so glad you're pleased with your treasures!

"Precious" the perfect name for the sweet little friends <3