Saturday, October 26

Wool Hedgehogs~

My heart has found some new little friends~
They were waiting in a tuft of wool!
I discovered the most beautiful curly locks at a fiber festival this Fall.

This past week I needle felted a tiny foundation piece~
I posted a picture of it on my Facebook page to share what I was up to.
Everyone left sweet messages that it looked like a Hedgehog!
Well... the little critter ended up turning into a teddy bear.
No Hedgehog...

Creative juices flowing~
I gathered some wool and needle felted a basic hedgie shape...
I thought curls would be fun!

They are the sweetest little critters~
I hope they make you smile!

This afternoon they were all lined up & waiting for their photo shoot.
Their little "spool stools" sitting next to them!
Listed some of these little loves in my Etsy Shop~

Hope you're having a wonderful weekend!
With the cool winds whipping around I have been catching up on studio projects~
Tea and wool!


Magpie's Mumblings said...

Such cute little hedgies -no prickles when you're petting these (provided you're careful with the felting needle that is)

Createology said...

These are the cutest hedgehogs ever! I love their curly colors. Creative Bliss...

Mary said...

Absolutely adorable little darlings.

I so miss hedgehogs over here - we had the same one in our garden for many years when I was a child in England - it hibernated under the same hedge annually.

Hugs -