Friday, October 25

Harvest Snowman Print

Baby it's cold outside!
"Harvest Snowman" is a new print available in my 2nd Etsy Shop!
We have several Maple trees around our yard that wait until the very last minute
to drop their leaves! Brilliant yellow~ and on the tree
through the first weeks of November.

When early bursts of snow arrive...
Palmer snowmen are spotted with bright yellow leaves!
This painting reminds our family of many snowmen made while
leaves, seeds and feathers were swirling around in the Fall winds!

Hope your Friday is off to a crisp~ but sunny start!

1 comment:

Debbie Nolan said...

Michelle - this is so your harvest snowman. I live in a woods that has oaks and their leaves stay on far into November as well. So I related to your snowman with the rake!