Wednesday, August 28

Bats in the house...

My pumpkin guy is much more casual when it comes to touching and visiting with bats!
Hubby and I think they are the dearest and wonderful little creatures~
Our daughter woke us at 4am several days ago... a bat was flying around her.
Woke her from a sound sleep and she could feel the wind from its wings.
We had to save the little guy because (though a small chance) they carry rabies.
If the bat had walked on her... it should be tested.
Discovered sooner, we could have just returned it outside.
The one in her room was a common brown bat.

Hubby discovered this sweet guy last Friday when he was mowing the lawn.
This is a Hoary Bat.
It was hanging 1 1/2' from the ground on one of our young Maple trees.

Tucked in as it was a bright sunny day...

Our little Hoary Bat stayed in the same place for 3 days. 
From time to time it would stretch out his left wing.
We wondered if it was injured.

We were going to call a bat rescue group Monday morning...
(Just like when you finally get a dr. appointment----- the pain, rash etc. disappears!)
Around 6 pm Sunday night we noticed our little friend had changed position.
No longer hanging vertical... it had turned a little.
How we hoped it was going to fly to its next destination!

It did!
By 8pm our little "grandpa bat" was on its way!

Hope your summer has been filled with a flurry of fun...
... and not toooo batty!


Ann said...

Oh I adore this drawing but the bat in the house really makes me "freak" out.

Penelope's Beehive said...

Such a fabulous drawing Michelle!
We too have a bat family in residence...every evening they swoop and dive about our back garden. They are such delightful, curious creatures!
Wishing you joy...

Willow said...

Love your pumpkin guy. Seeing that little at was so amazing.

Mary said...

Well the good thing to having bats is that they dine on mosquitoes - anything that gets rid of them I love! Of course the rabies thing is definitely not good and hope all is well with your daughter.
We had two bats removed from our attic some years back - thankfully both male so they didn't start a family. The guy who removed them then covered the louvers with very strong mesh to prevent them from returning, which of course they will even he removed them to the countryside.....or even all the way to Florida (we live in NC) !!!!!

Happy day dear.

Melody said...

I love having bats in my garden. Here in Melbourne we get quite large fruit bats. I love how they hang from our trees and squabble like little children