Saturday, August 3

Bombus, Honey Bee, Bumble Bee...

I'm pretty sure they knew I would be painting them...
My big hat and wee little camera leaning into their Echinacea!
They seem to tolerate me if I am still.

Thankfully, my layers of bug repellent doesn't bother~

I love snapping photographs of them sharing!

All around the Mulberry Bush...

When the bee stings... cure it with love & honey~

While I paint a collection I return the little originals to their frames so they will dry flat.
(That way I know which bee belongs to what frame)

The bees are enjoying our tropical summer!
With the wonderful rains & a few hot weeks our gardens OVER grew~
No neat clumps of blossoms here... no stepping stones in sight...
I have called it Garden Olympics.
I am convinced the Trumpet Vine & Sweet Peas are in a neck-n-neck competition
to see which one can reach the top of a nearby baby Maple tree first!

The bees are tickled to visit the blossoms just out of reach~ my reach!
"Ahhhh... we can gather without the camera pest."

~They tolerate me~
I thank God for their beauty & soft hummmmmm~
Hope you're having a wonderful weekend, Sweet Friends!


Karen B. said...

Michelle, ... love all of your new work. Unfortunately the little bee I would have liked to have is already gone. Next time!
Many hugs
Karen B. ~ Todolwen

Primitive Seasons said...

Could you share with us how you frame your little works of art? Thank you so much!

Mary Puskar

Michelle Palmer said...

Thank you, Karen~ & sorry you missed the little one... more soon!

Mary~ I have these all finished... I will post about how I frame, soon! Thank you for asking :)

A Scattering said...

Absolutely precious, Michelle. I love drawings of bees and bee brooches - just love these images.
Have a great week!8