Friday, March 15

Needle Felted Mice...

There's a mouse in our house!
NO, WAIT! There are TEN mice in our house!!!

(There could be more... that actually have heartbeats...)
We won't go there.

My little gathering of friends~
I felted them in ten different colors; no twins in this collection!
I'm picking out eyes (aka antique shoe/boot buttons)...
Pretty sure they're going to have whiskers, too!
They must decide if they would like pale pink noses,
deep rose noses... black noses. Decisions, decisions.
Some have hinted that they would like Spring jackets~

I need ten names!

I hope you're having a creative day, too~
Thank you for sharing in my fun!


Betsy Lewis said...

Missy, Max, Madeline, Morris, Mindy, Mickey, Minnie, Jerry, Stuart,Frankie - some names picked randomly and some from famous mice.

Twiglet said...

Such a happy little group - how about Mingle mouse?

Michelle Palmer said...

GREAT names! I like Morris & Mingle!
Thank you, Sweet Friends :)

sherrie breedlove said...

MaKenzie and Tyler.And if you run out of eyes they could be 3 blind mice. hehe

Penelope's Beehive said...

Such darling little "squeakers!" Take joy in the sun-shiny day!

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

I was thinking of all of the M names, too. So I'll go in a different direction and suggest, Timmy, Tommy, Tammy, Trini, Tipsy...Sally and Sue! haha! I love naming little critters and I LOVE mice!

Michelle Palmer said...

I LOVE Tipsy, Squeaker & MaKenzie!!
Wait til you see their little jackets & hats!!!

Thank you, Friends~ so much fun <3

Catherine said...

Do I spy a greenish mouse? If soot should be a she and she should be Olive!

Michelle Palmer said...

YES!! Olive is perfect!!
We need one more name :)

Ronnie said...

I love naming things, I have 3 hens and their names are Mable, Maude and Myrtle. A couple more names could be Moonshine and Midge. Have fun with the names!

Michelle Palmer said...

Midge it is!!
We now have ten names!!!
Pictures coming in a few minutes~
Oh they're dear names... THANK YOU friends here & on my facebook page <3 You make me smile :)