Sunday, July 28

You're a treasure~

Because you are amazing!
You are exactly who you're supposed to be~

You're beautiful, Friends!

Hope you have a wonderful day~


Smiley said...

Thank you for making it 'personal'. You are an inspiration and treasure!

Smiles and hugs,
Deb oxo

Doreen said...

Michelle..your artwork is so very, very wonderful!!!

hugs, doreen

BJR said...

What a wonderful message for me on a tough day. I'm more or less "in bed" from the lupus...and sometimes I wish for something else. Yet I know in my heart that God has made it all right...I am in the right spot. That comforts. Thanks!! Sweet day to you...

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

Oh Michelle I love these! Amazing how much joy your art work brings to me.
We are behind on our pillows but I hope soon to have some of them finished with your illustrations so I can share them on my blog.
I hope Linda agrees with me and we can purchase more. lol

Michelle Palmer said...

Hugs to each of you~ you make my heart SMILE!!!