Saturday, July 13

American Goldfinch & Peonies

"Peony Perch"
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Reminds me of pink lemonade...
So many colors pair beautifully~ yellow and pink are soft & shabby chic!

In our gardens Goldfinch perch anywhere their little hearts choose to!
Some of our Peonies are sturdy and the Goldfinch perch on the buds...
Swaying back and forth when they land.
Wonder if they find the bouncing-sway to be a fun ride?

Our daughter brings bouquets of blossoms in all summer~
Her windowsill is line with creamers, jars, bottles & blossoms.
I thought her Peony arrangement would be sweet with two bright yellow friends!

Hope your weekend is off to a sunny start!


Smiley said...

So sweet! I love the visions you put in my head with your little stories . . . I can just imagine little smiles on the beaks of those Goldfinches as they sway back and forth on the peony buds!

Deb :o)

Terra said...

Darling painting.

Elizabeth said...

Hi there, your illustrations are beautiful - this one is so pretty and I loved the sea themed one in the previous post too. Elizabeth xx

Michelle Palmer said...

:) You make my heart smile :)
Thank you!