Thursday, July 18

Echinacea & Bumble Bees

"Mr. Fuzz-Butt"

This morning Pup & I had a fine time in the gardens...
The scent of my bug repellent overpowered any sweet blossoms~
The bees didn't seem to be too repelled by me!

My sweet friend Debra from Sparrowgrass shared that she pet a bumble bee!
I thought of trying...
Chickened out!
(I hope you'll visit her blog... filled with delight~)

All sorts of bees... every shape & size~
Makes my heart smile!

This wee little guy finally landed... TINY!!
Cannot hear his movements~ so smooth and still!

Milkweed pit-stop...
This friend was dashing about~ not very easy to catch with the camera!

Hope your day has been BEEzy with wonderful projects~

1 comment:

Randall Cogburn said...

"Mr. Fuzz Butt" very funny lol. Bumble bee? I've seemed to have been stung by most of the stinger flying buggers lol. Yellow Jacke, bee, bumble bee, hornet, red wasp, and one of those Musquito flies at the beach, the ones that land on you without you even knowing it and bite you really bad lol. Nice photo's Michelle!!