Monday, April 29

Cotton candy blossoms~

No words to describe the beauty...
Just have to share!

A walk through the village~
Little puffs of soft pink spotting the landscape.

The day is overcast~ trying to outrun the rain & winds!

I felt like a bee hovering...
Each little blossom more beautiful than the last!

Spring blessings~


Faye said...

Oh WOW,we haven't got anything like that growing here where I live,they are amazing

Penelope's Beehive said...

Lovely photographs Michelle! Wishing you another perfect Spring day!

Debra said...

Beautiful-you have warmer weather than we do!
I loved the previous post-your little painting methods-I am so skittish-if that's a word-about water color-but I love it at the same time. I think I need a very good little brush, like the one in your photos...I tend to buy the bargain bags! Lovely painting Michelle-and thank you for the encouragement!!!!