Friday, April 26

Earth Day Watercolor

My Earth Day inspired watercolor!
I had promised to share pictures of my finished painting~

Years ago I painted "bits n' pieces" watercolors like this~
They didn't license, so I stopped designing them & changed direction.

They're such fun!

I'm hoping to work on a new one each week & show you my progress...
A sweet plan because I can do "little bits at a time."
Easier on my eyes~

"Building" my Lilac~
Pup and I took a walk this morning & our Lilac trees are LOADED!!
(A mix of blues, lavenders, pinks and purples)

Last Spring's weather left us with one or two blossoms...
(The blossoms that have not opened yet are deeper in color)

They are going to be grand this season~
I will share photographs!
(Adding some green "behind" the flower petals...)

There is no rhyme nor reason to what I paint first...
I'm constantly slipping my hand into wet spots!
(I sketch the type in as faint as possible, paint my first layer over top)

My eyes need a little help from a friend~
This giant hand-held magnifier is WONDERFUL!

Made-up egg tones...
I know that somewhere in our world there is a bird to match each one!

I started my watercolor journey in 1987.
To all who have tried it, you know it is an immediate LOVE~
or very strong dislike.
I love it because it doesn't have an odor.
I love it because there is very little waste.
As a senior in high school, just beginning college~ I needed economical.
Today, if I need to walk away from a piece to tend to family & home...
A little touch of water & I'm back to where I left off.

I read every how-to-watercolor book.
Went through piles... MOUNDS of paper!
Pulled some of my hair out.
Threw a few brushes.
Ripped up a lot of art.
Fell completely in love along the way.

Our gardens are coming alive again!
Hearty Peonies...

Dew is covering every leaf this morning!
The silver shine on the lawn is finally not frozen~

You know their smiling!

Each with a promise~
To be simply beautiful!

Hope your Friday is off to a wonderful start~
Thank you for visiting my blog and for EVERY sweet comment!


marie said...

Michelle, your paintings are always so pretty!
I love your Earth Day watercolor. I think all the bits and pieces are reminds me of my thoughts these days. A little bit of this and a little bit of that.

Oh my...I wish I could paint. I "pinned" a tutorial on about painting a watercolor rose. When I have some time to really focus, I'm going to give it a try.

Karen B. said...


I knew it, yet again just BEAUTIFUL! You have such an amazing gift.

Karen B. ~ Todolwen

Robin at The Primitive Hutch said...

Be still my heart ~ your spring watercolor is Beautiful!!!
So many wonderful blooms coming up~ patiently waiting for spring to truly arrive here!
Enjoy your weekend!
Prim Blessings

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

Your watercolors are delightful! You are so talented my friend and paint things that make us happy! Sweet hugs!

JennyPennyPoppy said...

Such a beautiful piece of art and a delightful verse. Lovely flower pictures too.

Joy said...

Michelle, sooo beautiful! I can't find words to describe the beauty of your work. I love the colors, I love watercolor also--the soft blending of colors, the subtle shades. I think we need God to accurately describe the beauty of your work because words fail me!

Joy said...

Michelle, is this particular work available in greeting card form or some other form such as a print? I checked your Etsy shop, but no cards there. (if you could leave a reply on my blog, please.)

Becca said...

Hi Michelle, this is such a inspiring post for me right now! I have recently picked up my watercolor paints and have been "trying" to teach myself to paint. The part I struggle with the most is the drawing. My flowers look so amateurish. I realize you can use carbon paper and trace a drawing, but I want to do my own! Maybe I can improve if I keep trying. Anyway, thank you for showing your lovely work here!

Sherri said...

Michelle, your paintings are just awesome! I love lilacs and when I was reading your post I could smell those lovely flowers!!

Lisa said...

Thank you for sharing your story and that it was a process for you, too. Your paintings are so absolutely beautiful (as are your sweet ink drawings).

Do you have a favorite paper that you use? I've tried watercolor pencils and I do love those but the watercolor paper I've purchased seems to get wavy in spots.

Raymond Homestead said...

Your watercolor is so pretty Michelle!

Starr White said...

Your beautiful paintings make me want to pick up a paint brush again! I started out teaching myself to paint until I discovered textile art and then went off on that path. Perhaps I should re-visit the paintbox! Lovely, lovely work. It makes me smile :)

Michelle Palmer said...

Just to share here in case you check back about my paper~
A link to where I purchase Fabriano Artistico Extra White SOFT PRESS watercolor paper.
I will include more info. in one of my next posts.
I hope you paint! Paint! Paint!
Thanks so very much for all of your comments :)

Carol said...

Lovely painting! I love the Painted Lady butterfly . . . I think that is what it is. I love watercolor too. Your word identification is so difficult. My third attempt. Hope it works or I give up.

Hope Filled Living said...

Michelle, your watercolor is so beautiful. I hope you will share more photos with us...and continue working on them. Makes me want to get my brushes out.
Bless you.