Sunday, December 9

You can make them, too!

I have never stamped fabric... I LOVE to draw on it!
 I needed to make 32 ornaments.
Thought about drawing Grenadier Guards for each one...

This was more "teen-like" 
I like to use Stazon permanent ink pads~
They worked GREAT on the muslin!

Hot glue for the twine/string & then little fabric patches to cover the glue.
I see Christmas favors...
Baby shower favors...
Napkin rings...
What I DO SEE are oodles of new pen & ink illustrations
on fabric coming this week! Tis the season for Christmas movies
and I make my little treasures during my TV time!

Hope you had a wonderful weekend!


Su said...

Hello Michelle,
I love the gorgeous ornaments that you have made and shown here. Such a brilliant idea and so special as keepsakes. They are delightful
Thank you for sharing this lovely idea.

Mosaic Magpie said...

Very cute and I like the way you finished off the glue spots.
Love the new header!

Debra said...

Very sweet!

Debbie Nolan said...

These are too cute Michelle - will be looking forward to seeing some more new pen and ink drawings soon. Have a blessed week.

The Library Lady said...

I love your work. I recently purchased the little notebook with the teddy bear on the front. I collect bears that are reading or holding books. I also collect vintage childrens books along with vintage children's school books. OK...I'm a librarian. Your work speaks to me. I really love the red birds. I watched 84 Charing Cross DVD last night hoping to cheer myself such luck. This is my 10th day of melancholy. Drepression..Yes. Big Time - 3 meds. Let's not go there. I don't blog. I like to look around and get ideas and seek peace. Your work gives me peace. Thank you for that.

The Library Lady

The Library Lady said...

Wednesday December 13.

Better day. I'm looking at my little pen and ink bear journal and I love love him. He makes me feel good.

The Library Lady