Tuesday, July 3

Americana Watercolor...

I have been teaching myself watercolor
since I turned seventeen and purchased my first tubes.
My palette was a simple milk glass plate~
I have always purchased the best paper...
Good brushes, but never top of the line.

I have been searching for the perfect Red for over 25 years...
Winsor & Newton is a very close first to Grumbacher.
Have always tried to invest in top quality pigment for longevity...
My eye wins over in the color battle.
I mix the two and gain performance & permanence!

I have mounds of blues!
Every brand, deeps and lights... greenish to redish to blackish.
Comes down to three favorites~
French Ultramarine (deep, light and as is)

White is my favorite color to purchase...
In watercolor~ it's free!
The paper is white and watercolors are transparent.

Pretty sure the specialists finds watercolor running through
my veins when they run my lab work...
I'm confident the main colors are Red, White and Blue!

Hope your celebrations are happy and safe~


Melinda said...

I just saw that you joined the following here at Dreaming.

Sorry I missed this. Blogger has you way down on my list and I hadn;t seen your thumbnail.

Come by soon.

Your artwork is lovely!


Smiley said...

Oh I just love this post, Michelle! So poetic and transparent into your soul! I would love to be that lab assistant who does your bloodwork and finds that along with that red, white, and blue blood, there's also a rainbow of other colors that work to spread sunshine through your artwork.
Happy 4th of July to you and your family!

Blessings and smiles,
Deb :o)