Saturday, April 17

Translate Gadget and Something New...

Family weddings are always special...
People visiting from out of town~
Everyone scurrying about getting ready~
Late minutes...

I draw... ha! ha!
Late last night everyone wanted to watch a movie.
I gathered my scraps and pieces and began to sketch.
Otherwise I would fall fast asleep within minutes...
No matter how good the movie is!

I've listed a few of the birds on etsy...
More will come tomorrow, as my camera battery fizzled.
It was a good thing~
No battery... no pictures!
We need snapshots of the lovely couple!!

I made two bird originals into
feather keeps!
They could hold needles and pins, too~
But feathers are so much fun!

I hand stitched them... thankful the shabby chic style
is hot~ my not-so-perfect stitching
has a primitive feel! hee! hee!

Hope your weekends are off to a great start~
I have been searching for a "button" so that my words
could be translated for all of my blogging friends.
Please let me know if the translate button works for you.
Many thanks!


n2pools2 said...

Michelle you do just the most amazing drawings, what a neat lady you must be!! I have enjoyed your pieces. I have given some to my sisters and mother and they just adore them and are amazed by your talent. Thanks again have a great weekend! Kim

Anonymous said...

This is a precious idea, Michelle.
I don't know how you could have made your sketches any better but you found a way to add even more charm!


BellaRosa said...

Michelle these are gorgeous!! I love them all ;) Have a wonderful time at the wedding...I sometimes do that with movies too,especially some of the LONG period pieces that I so love to watch, you know...the 3-6 hour ones lol But I so love I have learned to watch them in parts :) very long over drawn parts and even then, I have to watch some parts over because I missed something while cooking etc... Have a beautiful weekend amor :) I replied on your email :) Besos, Rose

Margaret said...

What a great idea! My daughter would have wanted a feather keep of her own for sure when she was little.

TinyBear said...

they are so beautiful Michelle. Great idea with those little books.
~ Tina

Janet Ghio said...

Darling little birds!!

marie said...

I love the feather keeps! In fact I had to buy one! Your little sketches are some of my favorite treasures!

I use Google Translate. Here's the link if you'd like to check it out.

~Tonya said...

Hi Michelle,

Your little feathered friends are amazing and your teddies are adorable. Love your work. Very talented you are.

I am the same, while watching a movie, I must do something or I will fall matter how much I wanted to see it.

Have a wonderful weekend.

beedeebabee♥ said...

Hi Michelle! My goodness, how beautiful your artwork is! Each little drawing soooo adorable and as sweet as can be. It must be so hard to draw on fabric, but you do it perfectly!...I tend to nod off in front of the tv also! So nice to meet you! :) Paulette PS. My sister's name is Michele too!