Monday, March 15

Owly... Thank You!


We love owls... and you can tell that Nia, from Owly blogspot, does too!
Please click on this link to visit her sweet, fun, unique blog and see the interview she did on me!

Hope your Monday is off to a great start!


Anna said...

I love owls too, especially my own!
read about her here...

and here...

have a great week!

Doreen said...

I too love owls..they are just beautiful.

What a wonderful interview!

These sketches are absolutely GORGEOUS!!!

I am going to purchase one just as soon as I can decide which will be difficult to chose!

Wishing you a wonderful day,

Owly Byrd said...

Aw Shucks! Owly is blushing!

Thank you for your kind words.