Tuesday, March 9

Martha Stewart Edge Punch Fun #3...

I just love the quality of these punches!
A sweet blogger friend asked if I had stock
in Martha's company~ heart stock!

Martha and her artists, creative group, amaze me...

I have been busy with work deadlines...
Having a great time sketching on fabric
whenever I get a free moment!
I wanted to toss something together quickly
just in case you had not seen these cute punches~

They are flexible, depending on your paper.
If you worked the paper fibers these would
probably even shape into a circle of chicks!

I remember humming this song when I was young.
Usually when I was doing my chores...
Especially weeding the garden!
Ugh... the veggie lines went on for days!

Without details...

With a quick line of green colored pencil...
Little black dots for eyes!
I think it looks cute either way~

Hope your day is happy!


Tracy said...

cute! cute! cute! so springy and cheery. :)

BECKY said...

Too cute Michelle! May have to get one or two of these! Can't wait for my drawings to arrive. Maddy is already trying to talk me into sharing one with her...hmmm...told her I don't think so....but I know she would make something really cool with one if I did!

Thanks Michelle! I will definitely show you what I come up with for them!

Hope your week is going well!

Hey, when are those items that you got the samples for going to be available in stores? Just wondering!


Tara said...

Well how cute is all that! Love it.

marie said...

VERY cute card!
I need to take a look at those punches...thanks for sharing such a fun idea!

MILLY said...

The punches are lovely, even better in your hands.
I have just been looking your little fabric drawings. They are really beautiful and I love the way you display them with the feathers.
As always, beautiful things to see.

all kinds of everything said...

So cute!
I did not know the song, but I love it.
It would be great in my children’s photo book!
I hope to see the results of your work oneday:)

kristin said...


i went out and got mine yesterday, they are so fun to play with and you are giving me great project inspiration. thanks. xx

L~ said...

Hi Michelle!

Yes, wasn't my 'lil feathered visitor sweet?!
Thought of you when she sat so still, wonder if she did that so I could photograph her & you could draw her! :)



Don't you just adore these Spring punches?!? So clever are your little creations and prose. ~ Angela

janet said...

Too cute!!!!

Sheryl Parsons said...

Gee! You are a wealth of inspiration! I too love the little ditty and will still hum it with my grandchildren.

Jayne said...

Mercies, but you are one creative lady!