Saturday, October 17

2012 Calendar Finished...

My studio is a disaster!
But it's a good mess...
This is the second year I have been asked to design
a wall calendar! I LOVE the company I'm working with...
when our samples arrive for the 2011 calendar I will
post about it... shouldn't be too much longer!

These are some of the sketches for the page toppers...
(The pretty extras where the month & year are
...on the date page.)

One more peek!
The second calendar with a cottage-type feel.
Birds~ songbirds that I hope will make all of you smile!

Hope you're having a fantastic weekend~


icandy... said...

Oh, it is so beautiful! Congratulations on this wonderful, completed project! Isn't it a great feeling when something is finally finished? *whew*

Libby Buttons said...

Hello Michelle!
I am in utter adoration of your calendar (your art in general) and must know where i can purchase said calendar. Thrilled our paths have crossed. Your talent is overwhelming! I am o so green with envy..

KatCollects said...

It is going to be beautiful! I can't wait to see the finished product.

BECKY said...

That is so awesome that you have done calendars!! Your work is just so very lovely!!
Thanks for the peeks!! You will let us know how we can purchase one, right?

Blessings, gal!

Anonymous said...

I'm predicting that this is going to sell successfully, Michelle!

Marjolein Bastin has some competition I think! ;-)


Lenae May said...

I just put a thistle feeder up to attract the lovely subjects of your picture. I HAD a clean studio...but not anymore. It lasted a day due to me being downstairs with my mess!

Wish on a Whisker said...

Hi Michelle~ I love seeing a peek of your studio and your work. So pretty. ~Mandy (Thanks for your kind words to me on the loss of our kitty. I appreciate it so much.)

Lost bears said...

Michelle, you birds are amazing!
Usually I have my order on my work space only for several minutes. But some times in a mess I can find some solutions( such as color combinations on so on:)
Good luck!

Laurie said...

Ohhhh It is soooo beautiful! You are such a fantastic artist!!!