Tuesday, October 20

After A Deadline...

It always amazes me...
When I'm working on a deadline I can stay up
until 3-4am day after day and don't seem to
really be tired or out of sorts.

Once the deadline is done...
I'm worthless for DAYS!

While painting a job I'm forever planning what
I "could" be doing instead!
Continually telling myself, "soon!"
When soon comes... I'm Eeyore! "Oh, bother."

So for a few days I will join the kitties and rest.
They don't seem to mind that dust falls
around them or that socks have made their way
to the living room.

One cat is missing... she is probably trying to
remove the twist tie from the new loaf of bread...
ha ha ha
Well, at least someone has ambition today!

Hope yours is wonderful!


Wish on a Whisker said...

Michelle~ Such a dear, sweet post! Love your precious kitties. Resting sounds good! ~Mandy (Will there be a 2010 calendar? Where are they sold?) ~Mandy

Michelle Palmer said...

Thanks Mandy :)
2011 is my first calendar... I will try to find out where they are sold in your area~ mostly small gift shops, calendar stores/kiosks etc. I have seen this company sell at Hobby Lobby... I'll be sure to connect with you :)
Thank you for asking! Michelle

Tara said...

Your work is beautiful. You deserve a good rest after all that hard work. Curl up with your kittens and relax.

in the light of the moon said...

So wondeful to be able to lie around..Lovely post!!Cat

Anonymous said...

I think your kitties have the right idea! A nap is a 3-letter word I haven't indulged in for ages and ages! Only when I've been sick. But it sounds so inviting!
Enjoy yours!

Meagan said...

Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog the other day. I so enjoy your artwork. It is so wonderful! You are an inspiration. If I were you I would be in the middle of those two cute kittens taking a wonderful nap.