Thursday, December 24

Peace on Earth
May your Christmas be filled with hope and
Joyous memories of those who have touched your heart~

I'm looking forward to a few days off with hubby~
Pushing some loops, pulling some loops & slow stitching...
A batch of cookies or two~
Alaina & I have been planning a day of paper mache, too!

Sharing how I finished one of my latest patterns~
Home in New England

I used four stands of wool yarn.
Long enough length to trim around the entire piece.
Whip stitch in place with DMC floss.
Sometimes your piece will try to curl as you're finishing it...
No worries, you can press it at the end.
Finished side down against a plush towel, mist pressing cloth
with water & iron on medium heat.

View from the back side

 Wishing you every joy of this beautiful season~
Praying you all stay strong & healthy!


Debra said...

Love to you and family! I was remembering your wonderful visit-seems like yesterday-I love looking at all the old papers you gave me! I hope we can meet again. I hope you show the papier mache projects-God bless you....

Robin in Virginia said...

Wishing you a joyous holiday, Michelle!