Monday, August 6

Snowmen Meadow quilting fabric

'Snowmen Meadow' copyright Michelle L. Palmer/ P&B Textiles

Snowmen in the meadow...
After a three hour drive to my moms house our children
were ready to run off some energy!
They didn't want a snack.
They didn't want to sit.
They didn't want television.
They were not interested in books.
The toys would wait...
They wanted outside!
Bundled up~ they would slide down Gramma's little hill.
Mom would pull the scooters out and the three of them would attempt to
ride them up & down her driveway. She told the kids they had snow tires!
Mom always had snow. (Except for the dash through summer & fall)
Her snow always seemed to be perfect for snowman making!
Our children will always have those treasured memories and
I will always be drawn to snowmen.

Squares for quilts, Christmas stockings, tote bags, table runners & place mats!
Stitched with simple trims around the border they would
make fun ornaments to hang on a cupboard knob...
Wouldn't they be fun around the bottom of a Christmas tree skirt?!
Unique pocket designs!
Small pillows stuffed with balsam! Mmmmmmm~
Stitched to the tops of pre-purchased pillows~
There must be more things we could make!

The collection is promised to arrive any day now!
I'm so happy with how the pen & ink illustrations translated to fabric~

Part of the panel and border design~ these are in full color!
The border would be fun as a Christmas tree skirt, too...

More of the panel images~

We're not rushing winter winds~
These warm August days are always my favorite!

Just had to share a peek of what's arriving in shops soon~
Please let me know if you see it in your favorite store!

Hope you have a nice week, Friends!


Magpie's Mumblings said...

Oh wow! I'm not a fan of winter, but I do so love your wee snow people.

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

Oh my! I hope I can find some! It really is beautiful.....every single one! How wonderful!

Debra said...

Beautiful designs-there is a vintage-y feel to them too, in my mind. I will look for your fabric!

NMK said...

I would Love to feel chilly right now !!! I am tired of the heat & humidity !!! The fabric is adorable ! Where can you buy it ???

C Reeder PhxAz said...

Love this fabric. Where do we find it?

Michelle Palmer said...

Thank you, Friends! You warm my heart! NMK~ cool Autumn breezes will be very welcome. The fabric has arrived at the warehouse so it should begin arriving at your favorite quilt shops and on-line fabric distributors soon!