Wednesday, August 1

August Girls~

"The Girls" copyright 2018 Michelle L. Palmer

The Girls in August pastures~
Hills and meadows have become dry and golden from our warm summer days.
It's milking time for the ladies and they're gathering a quick
snack before crossing.

A slow August breeze passes over the grasses just out of their reach~
I hope August takes it time and stays awhile.

The Girls have been very patient... 
Work & projects keep popping up in front of them.
Sometimes that is the perfect pace for some pieces!
I get to look at them and ponder...
Look at them and get fresh perspective!
My punch needle design will be different from the original watercolor...
Propped up in my little studio~ they're telling a different story!

Hope your August days are filled with creative projects!
Thank you for stopping by, Friends~


Debra said...

Can't tell you how much I love this design! It's funny, but the prior one you showed, I thought "The Girls" was part of the design-not to be stitched, but printed on the linen, just as it is shown, and I loved it. But either way, they are gorgeous and so peaceful.

The Dutchess said...

Lovely...thank you...xoxo

acorn hollow said...

wonderful design

Robin in Virginia said...

What a peaceful piece of artwork!

Magpie's Mumblings said...

Made me remember growing up on the farm and having some holstein cattle. Love it!

Sherri said...


How beautiful! I love cows and these 2 are beauties!!