Sunday, April 15

Icy April showers

Spring has arrived in the form of extended winter weather.
We know warmer days will eventually arrive~

We were spared from a potentially dangerous ice storm last night.
A thin coating of ice brought out gorgeous colors in nature!
Much like dipping your finger in water and rubbing it over a raw wood
surface to discover the rich color and hidden grain.
The beauty that will be brought out with finishes.
The wood pile is blanketed with gorgeous moss and lichen~
The coating of ice has sealed the color in, capturing it's depth.

Pussy willows with ice droplets.
Glad that they have been spared for the bees!
Soon they will blossom & we will enjoy the hum of pollinators~
Some of the first nectar for the honeybees.

Sharing a link that explains more about willows:

Our willow is twenty two years old.
Alaina & I planted it next to a downspout to be sure it had plenty of water.
She was three and always liked gathering 'furry paws' with her Grandma Newtown
when they walked down to the 'crick.'
I cut a few pussy willow bouquets each season to keep it trimmed.
We have different varieties planted~ babies that we hope survived the long winter.

I meant to put our bunny family under shelter before the icing started.
I was too distracted trying to catch up laundry, scan & download digital art files
for a new fabric collection and complete a punch needle/rug hooking pattern
for delivery this week... just  in case our electric service became knocked out in the storm.
The bunnies are all sealed in place!
Our pup enjoyed licking the ice off their faces & ears~

Wind in the trees & icy branches bumping each other~
Keeping our pup entertained!

Hope your days are sunny and warm, Friends!
Thank you for stopping by~


NanaDiana said...

Michelle-It is not very spring like for you there. We have about 18" of fresh snow and about another foot coming from what they are saying. I am so OVER winter here. xo Diana

Robin in Virginia said...

I enjoyed seeing your pictures and reading your thoughts about the spring ice. Your rabbit figurine family is adorable. Have a good week!