Wednesday, April 11

Hooked Rug Milkweed Monarch

"Milkweed Monarch" copyright 2018 Michelle L. Palmer
22" x 28" Hooked with #4 and #6 wool cuts.

It has been so nice to see Monarch butterflies in our gardens again!
I took several caterpillar photographs last summer...
The perfect inspiration for a wool rug.
Monarchs just love common milkweed and I don't mind sharing space with
the beautiful plant in our perennial beds.

We have an invasive weed, 'Black Swallow-wort,' that monarchs mistake for
milkweed. The weed is poisonous to the larvae. The plant also crowds out
Common Milkweed. Our region is working to keep the invasive plant controlled.
The best way to remove Black Swallow-wort is to dig the entire root ball.
Trying to pull the weed is near impossible~ it nearly always breaks off.
When walking along trails I pull the seed pods off and
dispose of them in our household garbage.

A little snippet of a wool rug I just finished... 
Painting, punching, hooking & dreaming of flowers
while waiting on the gardens to wake!

Hope you're having a wonderful week, Friends!


Three Sheep Studio said...

This beautiful milkweed hooked rug is simply breathtaking!
Lovely work.

Anonymous said...


Lori from Notforgotten Farm said...

yes yes! loved it when you first shared it ~

Debra said...

This is stunning!!!

Magpie's Mumblings said...

I do hope this will be hung on a wall and not walked on! It's absolutely beautiful.