Friday, June 30

Dyeing wool with acid dyes~

I have been taking a few hours each week to felt repurposed wool.
I am able to make new colors by using some of the dye that bleeds off.
Summertime is my planning & gardening time.
I will hopefully have all of the colors needed to rug hook
some new projects once the snow files again. (Not in any hurry for that) ;)

This week was my first experience using acid dyes!
We used Jacquard brand... perfect for small batches.

I had gathered these small jars 10+ years ago for
dyeing some of my wool roving to needle felt~

I will make a small swatch of the colors & make notes of mixes.

We followed all suggested safety precautions.
Dust masks, rubber gloves, proper ventilation & separate pots & utensils.
Followed the simple directions on the package.
There are directions on their site, too.

How acid dye works:

I think I will be trying for turquoise and aqua next...
Some sunny yellow and deep golds!

Hope you have a wonderful weekend, Friends!

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Karen B. said...

Dear Michelle,
I love what you do. You start from scratch and turn it into something lovely! I am so into dyeing these days too but I am not quite as good as you are at it.
Many hugs,
Karen B. ~ Todolwen