Tuesday, December 1

Hello, December!

Wishing your heart every joy throughout this beautiful season~


Karen B. said...

And the same to you dear Michelle.
Love your cardinal, it is so beautiful.
Karen B. ~ Todolwen

Suz said...

oh dear, is it really December? yikes
Love the red bird of happiness
I was graced with a couple outside my window today
thanks for the cheer

Leanne E said...

All the Best to you and your family <3

mkayteem said...

Michelle, I am desperately looking for your Birdsong note card set. My mother is down to her last card and requested another set for Christmas. Do you know where I can purchase? Are they still being printed? Please help! They are so beautiful! Thanks in advance!

Michelle Palmer said...

I was never aware that the Birdsong note card set sold. Never received royalties from it... Wish I knew how to tell you to find them, Sweet Friend!

Terra said...

Cardinals and pines are so Christmas-y. Merry Christmas dear blog friend.