Friday, March 9

Antique Linens...

Little buddy bear~
Perfect for a teddy friend getting ready for tea...

I have two of these Forget Me Not linens available!
My favorite place to be~
Surrounded by the sweetest little blue blossoms...

The sweetest table top runner!
Simple flowers stitched in vintage colors.

I'm that gal digging through the linen baskets~
Grass stained knees... muddy knees on rainy days...
Folding up the pretties after many have tossed them about!

They're all treasures...
I can see little illustrations through the dust, dirt and stains~

These have all been soaked in Tide detergent and OxiClean...
Rinsed in cold water & rolled up in fluffy hand towels~
Pressed and piled!

Spring is busting out all over~
Always grand inspiration for bunnies and baby birds!

I have three of these square linens in my Esty store...
The stitching amazes me~
Treasures from years past... framing my little illustrations.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!
Tomorrow I will pull a name for my linen giveaway~
Your comments make me smile!
Thank you, Sweet Friends


Mary said...

Hi Michelle, Your new creations are so beautiful. I love each and every one of them!! Another wonderful job well sweet friend! Wishing you a wonderful weekend filled with lots of sunshine and smiles! Hugs Mary

Robin at The Primitive Hutch said...

Michelle, Your creations make me smile :).
All your creations are so beautiful!!!
Prim Blessings

Gunilla said...

Love them all!

skimmia said...

Beautiful !!

acornmoon said...

It amazes me how many beautiful fabric treasures you find. Together with your original artwork they make the very best of heirlooms.

Smiley said...

Michelle Palmer Art on vintage linens . . . who could ask for anything more? Pretties and blessings from a lovely lady . . . thanks for sharing!

Smiles and blessings, friend!
Deb oxoxo

MILLY said...

A beautiful way to use the linens, your drawings just go so well with the cloths. I love finding treasures, just yesterday I was hunting in a charity shop. Lovely to see your latest work, loved the rabbit, very springtime.

vicki said...

Michelle- your collection of spring designs on vintage linens is just amazingly beautiful. I love them all-- but the acorns and the bird are my favorites.

No- you're not the only one digging through those boxes of linens/ I'm right there beside you!


ted and bunny said...

these are all such a delight!
Spring is on its way indeed- inside and out!