Saturday, August 30

Crimson Morning...

Good Morning~
I've been to the veggie garden already...managed to fight off the saber tooth mosquitoes long enough to gather some zinnias. We have had more rain than usual this summer. More tomatoes than usual! Our grape tomato plants look like cucumber vines rolling through the zinnias, around the sunflowers, over the chives & other herbs. I'm not one to shape and prune the to plant and let things be. The Roma plants kept their shape until the 3rd or 4th hail storm...they are still delicious! A favorite~ simple dish we first had in NYC:

New York Pasta!
6-8 Roma Tomatoes peeled & diced (or) 1 can of diced tomatoes
1 tsp. Garlic
1 tbsp. Pesto Genovese (Italian Basil Sauce by Flora) It's a paste~
2-3 tbsp. Extra Virgin Olive Oil
1 can Artichoke Hearts cut in half (add a touch of the brine if the sauce seems dry)

Saute ingredients (covered, on low) until tomatoes are tender.
Serve over your favorite pasta. (we LOVE the new Ronzoni SmartTaste thin spaghetti)
SmartTaste has 3x the fiber and has a very firm texture.



Anonymous said...

How did you do it, Michelle! Our grape tomatoes and the big ones, just aren't ripening fast enough this summer!

Saber toothed mosquitoes! Love that! What I'm most bothered by are the black flies in the spring. Nasty little things!


Michelle Palmer said...

I planted WAYYYY too early. We had late frosts this year...had to cover them...
I don't know how they grew so well! Must be the combination of frost, hail, pounding rains, flooding rains and the occasional sun showers.

We have those nasty little black flies...but with all the rain this year~ no mosquitoes until a week ago. Now when I take pup out for a walk I have to shower in Afterbite!

We have far too many...wish we could put them on a train to PA!

Patricia said...

have you tried making your own pesto? very easy & yummy! sarah & i love pesto, and you can make so many less traditional types (pistachio, chive, sun-dried tomato, etc).